New Product:Ethylene Glycol Tertiary Butyl Ether

- Oct 31, 2017 -

Product Description

  • Model NO.: ETB

  • Appearance: Oily Liquid

  • Colour: Transparent

  • Transport Package: 200kg/Drum

  • Origin: Zhuhai

  • Source: Organic Acids

  • Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

  • Trademark: feiyang

  • Specification: drum

 Ethylene glycol tertiary butyl ether(ETB)
 CAS NO. : 7580-85-0        EINECS code616-267-7
 Synonyms:2-Tert-Butoxyethanol ; 2-[(2-methylpropan-2-yl)oxy ]ehanol .
 Molecular structure: C6H14O2
  ETB is low toxicity, low odor, low irritation, low optical reactivity. Widely applicated on car paints, construction paints and water dispersible coatings in the USA and Japan.
Typical data

AppearanceColorless,clear liquid
Formula weight118.18
Refractive index Nd201.4156
Freezing point< -120oC
Relative density0.903
Initial boiling point150. 5oC
Final boiling point152.5oC
Viscocity(20oC )4.23×10-3Pa.s
Solubility data9. 35

? Coatings industry, Waterborne coatings, Inks industry(Improve the rheological properties),
? Black acrylic paint ,Cleanning agent,
? The initiator synthesis of poly-oxy propane mono-t-butyl ether household cleaners, surface active agent.
Packing: 20'Container load: 17.6MT by drums  22MT by IBC Tank, 23MT by ISO Tank
Safety: harmfulless goods, stable under the normal storage conditions.


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