New Product: Ethylene Glycol Tertiary Butyl Ether Acetate

- Nov 21, 2017 -

Product Description

  • Model NO.: ETBA

  • Appearance: Oily Liquid

  • Colour: Transparent

  • Transport Package: 200kg/Drum

  • Origin: Zhuhai

  • Source: Organic Acids

  • Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

  • Trademark: feiyang

  • Specification: drum

  • HS Code: 2901100000

 Ethylene glycol tertiary butyl ether acetate(ETBA)
ETBA is a kind of high boiling point, binary alcohol ether ester solvent with more  functional ,  it is colorless transparent liquid with low toxicity and irritating . ETBA is insoluble in water , but is soluble in hydrocarbons and most organic solvents.
Structural formula: (CH3)3C-O-CH2-CH2-O-(C=O)-CH3
Typical Data:

AppearanceClear colorless liquid
Acid value(mgKOH/g)≤0.06
Boiling Range(oC)168-178
Water Content(%)≤0.06
Flash point (oC)169

* mainly used for high temperature porcelain and high boiling point solvent printing inks ;
* Can be used for surface cleaning agents such as metal, glass ;
* Can be used for silk screen printing ink solvent,with the solvent evaporation speed is slow and low solubility in water ;
* Can be used in polystyrene pigment printing glaze ;
* Can be used as an azeotropic agent used to separate alcohol and acetone;
* Can be used as a protective coating, fuel, resin, leather, solvent.
Package&Storage : 
N.W.180kg/drum, must be sealed and protected from heat and air.

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