Development of accelerator’promoter

- May 03, 2018 -

The development of accelerators is high performance, multi-functionalization, and environmental protection. Germany launched the mixed accelerator of Deovulc BGl87 and Rhencure AP series, which promotes high efficiency without producing nitrosamines. Bayer's new Vulkacit CRV/LG (3-methylthiazolidine-thione-2) can replace NA-22, which is suspected of causing cancer, and is suitable for neoprene. The multifunctional accelerator has the function of other auxiliary agents, such as 1-(N-oxydiethylenethiocarbamoyl)-2-(N-oxydiethylene)thiobenzimidazole (MBSPT) and With the effect of accelerators and anti-aging agents, the anti-aging effect is equivalent to that of 4010NA, which is superior to the anti-aging agent MB.

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