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Application Area Of Tert Butyl Acetate

- Apr 24, 2018-

1. Pharmaceutical Intermediates: It can be used for peptide synthesis, vanillamib, amprenavir, statin intermediates, magnesium alkoxide compounds, etc.

2. Coating: Based on its unique physical and chemical properties: low ignition point, low volatilization rate, low atmospheric photochemical reaction, etc., greatly reducing the harm to the air; can be used to make acrylic polyols, thermoplastic substrates, alkyd resins, Solvents such as alkyd resin, nitrocellulose, polyurethane, isocyanate, epoxy resin, chlorinated resin, and styrene resin.

3. Paint: can effectively improve product performance, reduce the impact on the environment and harm; can be used for automotive refinish paint, wood paint, 2K polyurethane varnish, aviation PV paint, PPG paint and so on.

4. Ink: can reduce the printing stickiness, increase the printing density and gloss; can replace the esters, alcohols and ketones in ink products, toluene in gravure publications.

5. Industrial cleaning: aviation, aerospace equipment, industrial machinery, fine equipment cleaning, degreasing and so on.

6. Sealing materials: nano materials, high pressure sealing plates, adhesives, etc.

7. Others: Can be used as fuel, gasoline additives, etc.

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