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Production Method Of Acetone

- Apr 16, 2018-

The acetone production methods mainly include isopropanol method, cumene method, fermentation method, acetylene hydration method and propylene direct oxidation method. The world’s industrial production of acetone is dominated by the cumene process. Two-thirds of the world's acetone is a by-product of phenol production and is one of the products of cumene oxidation.

Traditional method

Acetone production methods are more. The ancient method used wood vinegar obtained by dry distillation of lime-neutralized wood to produce calcium acetate, which was then pyrolyzed to produce acetone.

Industrial process

Industrially studied methods for synthesizing acetone include:

1. Obtain calcium acetate from acetic acid, then heat to 160 degrees Celsius to decompose to produce acetone and calcium carbonate;

2. Acetylene reacts with water vapor on the zinc oxide catalyst to produce acetone;

3, ethanol vapor in the presence of zinc chromate catalyst, high temperature reaction to produce acetone;

4. Oxidation of liquefied natural gas or naphtha to produce acetone (oxidation products also include formaldehyde, acetic acid, butanol, etc.);

5. Isopropanol oxidation or dehydrogenation to acetone;

6, acetone isopropyl alcohol peroxide method;

7, isopropanol and acrolein synthesis of acetone;

8. Acetone produced by the cumene process, coproduced phenol with propylene and benzene as raw materials, cumene obtained by alkylation, and then oxidized with air to give cumene hydroperoxide, which is then decomposed with sulfuric acid or a resin to give acetone and phenol;

9. Propylene is produced by direct oxidation of acetone, and the process route is similar to the method of direct oxidation of ethylene to acetaldehyde;

10. Production of p-cresol by p-methyl isopropylbenzene hydroperoxide and by-produced acetone;

11, dicumylbenzene production of hydroquinone, by-produced acetone.

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