Corrosion And Scale Inhibitor ATMP, Metal Ion Chelator ATMP Scaler Terminator - ATMP

- Apr 01, 2018 -

ATMP is the terminator of scale. Why is ATMP the terminator of scale?

According to the ATMP itself, the birth of ATMP marks the beginning of a new era for water treatment agents. ATMP has a very good chelation, low limit inhibition and lattice distortion. Since its inception, it has gained the international community’s attention. Widely praised. What is this?After ATMP dissolves in water, it quickly functions. Since ATMP is a cathode corrosion inhibitor, the resulting cathode ions can combine with cations in water to form a complex that can be precipitated. ATMP can also be used as a complex. Agent use.

ATMP dissolves in water and performs well in water. Its chemical properties are very stable. Even at high temperatures, it does not affect the function of ATMP, especially the scale inhibition effect of calcium carbonate and metal ions. But ATMP itself also has many defects, such as PH value is not very good to adapt, but also adjust the pH value of the incoming water before processing water. For this reason, we have also sought some solutions. The combination of ATMP and other pharmaceuticals has achieved good results, such as The synergistic use of ATMP sodium salt and the synergistic use of HEDP and PBTCA have all achieved very good results.

Someone asked what industry is ATMP mainly used for?  The main application of ATMP is due to its good scale and corrosion inhibition effect. ATMM is currently widely used in: thermal power plant's circulating water scale inhibition and corrosion inhibition, and the refinery's circulating water scale inhibition and corrosion protection. The scale and corrosion of reinjection water, in other industries, because ATMP still has good metal ion chelating performance, can be used as a metal ion chelator when printing and dyeing.

After several major technical reforms of ATMP, the performance and role of ATMP have become increasingly stable. Because ATMP is inherently phosphorus-containing, it is somewhat ineffective in environmental protection priorities. However, ATMP is still widely used as an old scale inhibitor in some areas. The Terminator, ATMP has a long way to go.

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