- Jan 26, 2018 -

Titanium dioxide, commonly known as Titanium White, is the beginning of industrial production in 1916, a kind of pigment, and can be used as a plastic filler, titanium dioxide powder of about 97%, it has excellent optical properties and physical, chemical stability, titanium dioxide non-toxic, The average grain size was 0.1 microns, the spherical crystallization was observed under electron microscope, and the yield was also larger.

According to the crystalline structure of titanium dioxide can be divided into anatase, rutile, plate-titanium. The first two kinds are commonly used in industry.

Rutile titanium dioxide as a plastic filler effect is good, it can make the reflectivity of light increase, protect the polymer material inner layer from ultraviolet ray damage, thus played the role of light shielding agent. Another obvious role is to make white pigments, so that the product to achieve a very high whiteness, at this time can also be used with other fillers and improve the life of materials. The addition of titanium dioxide can improve the firmness and wear resistance of the material.

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