Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO) CAS 94-36-0

- Mar 24, 2018 -

Chinese name: Benzoyl peroxide

Chinese Synonyms: benzoyl peroxide; dibenzoyl peroxide; benzoyl peroxide; initiator BPO; dibenzoyl peroxide; dibenzoyl peroxide (required for refrigeration); dibenzoyl peroxide Must be refrigerated; benzoyl peroxide paste

English name: Benzoyl peroxide

Synonyms in English: Benzaknen; Benzaknew; Benzamycin; Benzoic acid, peroxide;benzoic acid, peroxide;benzoic acid peroxide; Benzoperoxide; Benzoyl

CAS Number: 94-36-0

Molecular formula: C14H10O4

Molecular Weight: 242.23

EINECS number: 202-327-6

Related Categories: Industrial/Fine Chemicals; Organic Peroxide; Synthetic Organic Chemistry; Flour Treatment Agents; Food Additives; Catalysts; Polymerization Catalysts and Resins; Free Radical Polymerization Catalysts; Wheat Flour, Starch Modifiers; Wheat Flour Treatment Agents; Organic Peroxides Synthetic reagents; Organic compounds; BIOEPIDERM; Oxidizing agents; Intermediates; Oxidizing agents; Small molecule inhibitors; Grignard reagents; Sulfur compounds; Oxidation

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