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Cyclohexylamine CAS108-91-8

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Cyclohexylamine can be used as the raw materials of surfactants for production of alkylbenzene sulfonate for being used as emulsifier and foaming agent; 
It can be used as the raw materials of making perfume for production of cyclohexyl allyl propionate;
It can be used as the raw materials of production of dye such as being used for production of Acidic Blue 62, disperse fluorescent yellow, fluorescent yellow dispersion H5GL, weak acid blue BRN, Disperse Blue 6 and dye additives;
It can be used as the raw material of food additives sweeteners; cyclohexylamine can also be used to produce cyclohexylamine sulfonate salts and Sodium Cyclamate; the later one is a sweeter which is 30 times as sweet as sucrose. The Ministry of health of China has approved it for being applied to pickles, sauces, wine preparation, cakes, biscuits, bread, frozen drinks, beverage with the maximum allowable amount being 0.65g /kg.
It can be used as the raw materials of pesticide such as insecticide "propargite" for fruit tree production, herbicides “WilBur” and bactericidal agent;
It can be used in the preparation of the additives used in petroleum products, the treatment agent of boiler feed water and corrosion remover;
It can be used as the raw material for production of thiazole vulcanization accelerator of rubber CZ; this kind of vulcanization accelerator has an excellent efficacy which is especially suitable for SBR and FDA rubber. 
It can be used as a rust inhibitor for producing anti-rust paper;
It can be used as a tank cleaning agent;
It can be use as antifreeze agent;
It can be used as Antistatic agents (Textile auxiliaries), latex agglutination agents and additives for petroleum products;
Owing to the alkalinity of the cyclohexylamine aqueous solution, it can be used as the absorber for removing carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide.

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