Plastic Market

- Aug 29, 2017 -

ABS: domestic ABS market last week, sharply higher. Upstream three raw material prices and the trend of commodities to boost the confidence of the seller confidence. There is no lack of external market stimulus, raw material trend is relatively strong, ABS market after rising last week, the ex-factory price increase demand. Pulled up the atmosphere boost, short-term ABS market is still easy to rise or difficult situation. But the current price has reached a relatively high point, chasing high need to be cautious. Plastic business treasure Main products: Taiwan 15A1, Chi Mei 757, Thailand GA850, Malaysia 920, Malaysia 700, etc.

PP: last Friday the market price is still up, but the gains slowed down, polypropylene futures rose higher boost the market, the oil part of the company raised the ex-factory price, the cost of supporting the role of strong, part of the low prices of businessmen, Downstream factory purchase to maintain rigid demand. Plastic business treasure Main products: Taiwan K8003 K8009 K8025 K8802 and so on

PE: Friday market prices continue to rise, linear futures opened higher shocks, boost the market sentiment, traders slightly up with the ship, downstream demand flat, firm focus on negotiations. Plastic business treasure Main products: Kuwait 6888, Thailand 7000F and so on

PS: last Friday the market offer as a whole up, or 50-300 yuan / ton, trading atmosphere is acceptable. Upstart styrene rose the positive stimulus, coupled with the sale of small, traders offer pull up the enthusiasm of the higher, the market inquiry atmosphere is acceptable, but the terminal chase slightly hesitant, deal to discuss the main.

PVC: Friday market consolidation market consolidation, by some petrochemical enterprises to support the price stability, mostly accompanied by shipping shipments. Downstream factories continue to follow the single, the actual transaction can be discussed, the market trading atmosphere in general.

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