What Are The Main Pharmaceutical Intermediates Currently Exported In China?

- Jan 18, 2018 -

"Pfizer, Novartis and other multinational companies have entered the Chinese market more than 20 years ago, but the current domestic enterprises to go to sea, there is no large multinational company of Chinese Medicine." Zhou Xiaoming, president of China Medical Insurance Association, told reporters that this year from January to April the overall export strength of pharmaceutical health care products industry, exports amounted to 9.75 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 32.83%, is expected this year's health insurance imports and exports will be expected to maintain a steady growth of 25%, import and export will exceed 40 billion U.S. However, domestic drug export situation is not satisfactory.

First, China at present to export raw materials, medical dressings mainly, these products accounted for China's total exports of pharmaceutical products more than 60% of the high pollution, high-energy raw material production of China's environmental impact of the contradictions will become more and more prominent.

Second, many enterprises export products are OEM for overseas customers, there is no own brand, export large sector profits to overseas sales companies. "Products sold in the Japanese market, we still use the name of Japanese companies, only as a manufacturer of the packaging." This is also a more common practice, than in the past even if the manufacturer's identity is not printed on the packaging is a great improvement, but to establish their own brand still a little distance away. "Tianjin Teda Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd. Import department manager Chixia said.

Third, the dosage of preparation is not large. In addition to some state-owned leading enterprises, several listed companies began to turn their eyes to the preparation industry, other export enterprises are still relying on raw materials to develop the market.

However, it is not easy to establish overseas pharmaceutical companies from production to sales. Tianjin Pharmaceutical and Health products import and Export Co., Ltd. Yeu Zehua told reporters, the company in Southeast Asia a few years ago in a foreign takeover of a pharmaceutical enterprise, but because of political instability, the competition of Indian enterprises, sales means unsuitable for local reasons, so far in the loss. "We all know that setting up factories overseas, building local brands, and developing our own sales force can reduce costs, but it is not easy to operate." ”

Medical device companies to beat the Beat

Data from January to April showed that the import and export growth of high-tech and high value-added products was also obvious. The rate of hospital diagnosis and treatment was higher than the increase of 17.24%. Domestic medical device companies are moving overseas at a faster pace, with a large share of exports.

Shandong Xinhua Medical (600587 quotes, stock bar) Equipment Co., Ltd. Beijing office director Dinzin told reporters that last year, the enterprise exports about 30 million yuan, the first half of this year exceeded this amount. The Middle East, Russia, Africa are their major exporters, and products are concentrated in the leading products sterilization equipment, radiation treatment equipment.

It is understood that from the operating data of the past 8 years, the medical device industry income and profit average growth rate of 28% and 41%, far higher than the pharmaceutical industry 19%, 21% income and profit growth. Xinhua, Mary, Dong These three domestic leading enterprises occupy the main overseas market.

"The prices of medical devices in Japan and Sweden are 300% to 400% higher than ours," he said. Dinzin pointed out that the domestic medical and mechanical enterprises to enter the largest overseas advantage is clearly the price of products, many countries love to use our products. "We are recently negotiating with the UK to get into the UK market," he said. "The reporter learned that, in addition to the above three enterprises, the current domestic medical device enterprises have nearly million, of which 80% are small and medium-sized enterprises, the technical force is relatively weak, but flexible operation, in the cost of the price has a clear advantage, so in many varieties have a higher cost-effective."

The export of medical device companies also has its own embarrassment--always only occupy the low-end market.

Dinzin told reporters that this is an indisputable fact. He said that because of the technical level and other factors, Xinhua medical equipment is only about 3 million yuan, it is impossible to enter the high-end market. Therefore, they also consider the use of technical advantages, with the Japanese Cherry Blossom Medical Group and other well-known overseas enterprises joint ventures, but unfortunately the joint venture is not particularly smooth, they do not intend to set up factories overseas.

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