Application of Cyclohexane

- Apr 10, 2018 -

1. This product is used as a solvent for rubber, paint, varnish, thinner for adhesives, and an oil extractant. Due to the low toxicity of this product, it is often used instead of benzene for degreasing, grease removal and paint stripping. This product is mainly used for the manufacture of nylon monomer adipic acid, hexamethylene diamine and caprolactam, also used as raw materials for the manufacture of cyclohexanol, cyclohexanone;

2, used as analytical reagents, such as solvent, chromatographic analysis of reference materials. Also used for organic synthesis;

3, complexometric titration of copper, iron, silicon, aluminum, calcium, magnesium and so on. Chromatographic analysis standards;

4, used as a photoresist solvent;

5, for the extraction of essential oils;

6. Cyclohexane is a cleaning and oil removing agent, MOS grade is mainly used for discrete devices, medium and large scale integrated circuits, and BV-III grade is mainly used for VLSI circuits.

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