2017 To 2018 Annual Report Of China Acrylic Ester Market

- Jan 23, 2018 -

017 years of acrylic industry sharp rise and fall, speed significantly accelerated, accidents, safety production, costs and other factors on the market influence of acrylic ester has been significantly improved. Acrylic ester Overcapacity There is no doubt that the market for low inventory operation to avoid risk, but this also for the rapid rise and fall of the market to bury the foreshadowing, the slightest hint of trouble can ignite the market grab the atmosphere. Industry start tacit understanding degree increases, rise and fall frequency is accelerated, overall grasps the market information the middleman and the end user becomes the marketplace winner. The aging of foreign devices for China's acrylic ester Open export window, the 2017 export volume increased significantly, so that export suppliers loved, but also foreshadowed the future of China's acrylic ester exports will become a new growth point.

2017 what is the increase in the downstream demand of acrylate? Is safety production strict check to promote or restrict downstream development? 2018 what are the new growth points of butyl acrylate, methyl methacrylate, ethyl acrylate and ISO-octyl acrylate? How will supply and demand change? Can the surge in exports in 2017 continue into 2018? Wanhua two, three-phase device can drive to break the existing market pattern? Shanghai Huayi Phase two acrylic ester plant to market influence geometry? Can the degree of tacit understanding in the industry be renewed? Zhuo Chuang information will be in-depth analysis of the status of Acrylate and future development trends, using Zhuo Create information exclusive data, comprehensive and clear analysis of the market.

2017 is Zhuo Chuang information in the chemical industry for the 14th year, 14 years to witness the Chinese acrylic ester market supply and demand structure change, Zhuo Create information acrylic ester Market Annual report using a large number of strong data, in-depth analysis of the status and development of acrylate; Use Zhuo Chuang Information Exclusive data, comprehensive and clear introduction of butyl acrylate , the supply and demand of methyl methacrylate, ethyl acrylate and acrylic acid, price trend, import and export trends, etc., for customers to grasp the pulse of the market to provide a strong support.

Content value:

(1) Analysis of supply and demand balance in the region, and a thorough understanding of the specific situation of acrylic ester supply and demand surface

(2) annual upstream and downstream market and supply and demand analysis, the whole industry chain angle to observe the acrylic ester market

(3) Comprehensive profit analysis, interpretation of the level of profitability of the ester

(4) The most detailed market analysis and forecast, multi-angle, all-round study of the future market development trend

(5) The comprehensive line of data is incomparable, the reference value is incomparable

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