Dynamic reference for plastics raw materials Petrochemical

- Jan 26, 2018 -

PE petrochemical Dynamic: Maoming Petrochemical High pressure equipment production 951-050,2# high-pressure device to change 2520D, full density device production DFDA-7042, high-density device production TR144.

PP Petrochemical dynamic: Zhongtian composite pp Ring tube device (350,000 tons/year) was parked yesterday, initially expected to stop for one week, gas phase device (350,000 tons/year) production K8003.

PVC Petrochemical Dynamic: Ningxia British Force special PVC device starts normal, at present the calcium carbide method 5 material to the North Factory report 6350-6400 yuan/ton acceptance, 3 type report 6500 Yuan/ton, the deal may talk.

PS Petrochemical Dynamic: Zhanjiang New China and the United States PS ex-factory stability, 525 reported 11900 yuan/ton, 535 reported 12000 yuan/ton, 990 reported 12300 yuan/ton, the actual deal to save space for discussion.

ABS petrochemical Dynamic: Sinopec East China to Takahashi petrochemical ABS listing price stability, 275 reported 14900 yuan/ton, 8391 reported 16600 yuan/ton, 3504 reported 17300 yuan/ton, 8434 reported 17300 yuan/ton.

Pet Petrochemical Dynamic: Yizheng Chemical fiber polyester bottle slice price Express, Aquarius material, heat irrigation type of 8400 yuan/ton from the mention, oil bottles, carbonic acid high 100 yuan/ton, the actual volume of negotiations.

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