tightening of chemical raw materials PTA price increases up to 10 times

- Jan 27, 2018 -

Since the entry into the December, the domestic chemical raw materials PTA market trend can be said to open a new side, the main reason is because of the supply of tight impact, the main futures 1805 rushed to 5592 Yuan Line, in recent months, the contract 1801 rushed to 5700 yuan front-line. Spot market rally in the futures market under the trend of more outrageous, from the November 30 01 contract 20-30 Yuan/ton rose to the present 220-250 yuan/ton, and the highest water price of 300 yuan/ton, it can be said that the price nearly doubled 10 times times, Then how will the subsequent supply and demand structure change under the guidance of such a situation?

Supply a tightening of chemical raw materials PTA price increases up to 10 times times!

According to statistics, at present, the domestic average operating rate has risen to about 79.35%, and December PTA plant in a number of accidents, production capacity of about 3.45 million tons, restart capacity of about 600,000 tons, loss of about 90,000 tons, and the current social stock is roughly kept around 600,000 tons, overall, Domestic PTA cash Supply is still in a tight pattern, but a new jiaxing petrochemical plant in the PTA device started on December 13, if everything is normal, then the expected December 16 feeding, late spot supply tension or to a certain extent eased.

Supply a tightening of chemical raw materials PTA price increases up to 10 times times!

Up to now, the polyester industry to maintain the operating rate of 83.02% upstream, fiber-grade pet industry to maintain the operating rate of about 62.1%. According to statistics, the current polyester effective production capacity of about 50.55 million tons, into the December, more than a set of polyester plant downtime maintenance or reduce load reduction, along with the rapid contraction of the profit of polyester-related products, we expect future polyester operating rate or the existence of a continued decline in the trend.

Judging from the current synthesis, the recent domestic PTA spot supply or will continue to maintain a balanced state, coupled with the December part of the factory still have maintenance plans, so the situation of supply tightening or the market to form a more favorable support, although the current downstream polyester start-up rate has been maintained high level, but the late maintenance and reduction of the situation is obvious, Demand still has downside risks. In the short term PTA chemical raw materials market or continue to shock probability is larger.

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