March 21 domestic methanol price trend analysis and forecast

- Mar 24, 2018 -

The domestic methanol market rose mainly. The inventory in the northwest region was low and continued to rise. On-demand purchases in the Bohai Rim region rose partially; in the Huaihai region, transactions were fair, slightly higher; futures rose, and the port markets in East China and South China fluctuated within a narrow range. Northwest enterprises have low stocks, some companies are reluctant to sell, and prices in the main producing areas continue to rise. Affected by the increase in the main northwestern producing areas, the Bohai Rim and Huaihai have actively followed the upward trend, but the current downstream companies have high stocks in stock, and the sentiments are generally accepted. Some companies still take a wait-and-see attitude. In terms of ports, the main methanol futures continued to rise, trading within the region was common, and the price of the port market fluctuate within a narrow range. The short-term domestic methanol market may be dominated by a narrow range of fluctuations, and local or maintain strong. Pay attention to downstream demand, methanol plant installations, port inventory, logistics, futures trends, etc. We recommend careful operation.

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